Attestation, Translation & Patent Registration in Dubai

Documents Attestation in Dubai


Expand Corporate Services is a well-known business consultancy firm based in Dubai offering prompt attestation, documents clearing services to clients in UAE and all-across the Gulf. We are expert in degree, certificate and other documents attestation from various government departments. We are rated as the best for all types of documents attestation in UAE from MOFA attestation UAE, UAE Consulate authentication to birth certificate, marriage certificate and many other types of identification documents.

At Expand Corporate Services, we are experts at handling Document Attestation from different Government Departments to apply for UAE Employment and Family Visas for the emirates.

We are experts at handling document attestation in Dubai to help our clients in the UAE to have legal papers and certificates to use abroad. Our team of focused and dedicated professionals is always working hard for client satisfaction. Besides attesting your documents and certificates, our experts can give you advice on visa and business registration processes.

We know life is busy, time is short and your money matters, that’s why we have made document attestation in UAE simple and easier for our clients. We are just a call away from all your certification requirements.

Our attestation services include:

  • Degree attestation service in UAE
  • Marriage Certificate attestation service in UAE
  • Birth Certificate attestation service in UAE
  • UAE Embassy attestation service
  • MOFA attestation Dubai
  • Power of Attorney attestation and more

Translation Services in Dubai, UAE


From international marketing materials to business related documents and manuals; it is always crucial to communicate in the correct language and tone. Expand Corporate Services is a Quality Translation Services provider in UAE. Our team of certified translation experts is not only linguistically skilled but is well-versed in legal terminologies.

Whether you are applying for a Family Visa, registering a branch office in Dubai, or are indulged in any other legal matter, clear communication and transparency are a must for a smooth process. Our translators ensure you get timely and exact translation services in this part of the world. While we translate over a dozen languages, we have a special focus on Arabic to English and English to Arabic Translation services in Dubai.

Expand Corporate Services can assist you for any type of translation. Our language experts are highly trained and specialized in their respective language. As a leading translation agency in Dubai, our goal is to build lasting relationships with clients through fast, accurate and reliable translation service. Our highly-qualified translators come from diverse range of backgrounds and have extensive experiences in different industries. We provide top quality professional translation services across a number of industries including ecommerce, healthcare, real estate, legal, mobile and video, business and finance etc.

Patent Registration Service in Dubai, UAE


Patent registration in UAE comes under Ministry of Economy which is the competent government authority that controls and regulates the process of patent registration in the UAE. The UAE has its own set of laws regarding patent registration. By registering a patent in Dubai, an inventor or innovator can safeguard their patented innovation against someone else who attempts to use or misuses it. Expand Corporate Services offers seamless patent registration services in Dubai so avail the best service now.

Documents required for filing a Patent Registration in the UAE

  1. Power of attorney duly legalized
  2. If the applicant is a company, a duly legalized extract from the Commercial Register or the Memorandum of Association must be presented
  3. A copy of the English specification and claims with its Arabic translation
  4. An abstract of the invention
  5. A set of drawings related to the invention
  6. A duly legalized deed of assignment signed by the inventor, in case the applicant is not the inventor
  7. A certified copy of the application that shows the filing date, number and country

Major Steps in Registering a Patent in the UAE

  1. File the Application
  2. Submit the Documents
  3. Make the Payment
  4. Wait for Examination and Final Granting of the Application
  5. Granting Patent Status

If you are looking for hassle free patent registration service in UAE then contact Expand Corporate Services today.

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