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Setup a Company in Dubai – The Benefits of Doing Business

Dubai is the most successful city in the region, and has one of the best business eco-systems in the world. It combines the most impressive features of both East and West. This makes it a very attractive location to investors looking to setup a company.

Dubai has created an environment that strongly encourages trade in many sectors, some of the most notable being:

  • E-Commerce
  • Crypto & Block Chain
  • Robotics, Drones & AI
  • Cyber Security

The city has done this to put itself to the fore as a global economic powerhouse. In many ways, they are succeeding!

Setting up a business in Dubai has become easier than ever and it is worth a serious look if you are planning to expand your operations to other areas of the world. Registering a business in Dubai provides many advantages.

Here is a list of some of the bigger ones we decided to highlight:

Taxation Benefits

A Dubai company faces no company tax, personal tax, capital gains tax or withholding taxes.

This means that business owners can legally enhance their profits through a Dubai LLC while minimizing their tax liabilities.

More money in your pocket.

Resident businesses also benefit from the city’s 60+ international double tax treaties which help reduce tax liabilities when you send money back home.

Ease of Banking

The UAE, and Dubai by extension, has physical representation from a significant number of international banking organisations and financial institutes. There are over 40 international and domestic banks to choose from as your financial institution.

Business Protection

Dubai actively works towards the protection of intellectual property and trademarks.

The region also takes a strong stance against piracy, as has the whole of the United Arab Emirates.

Ease of Business

Dubai mainland and free zones enable businesses to operate throughout the entire UAE without the need to formally register a branch in each location. This means an enlarged business footprint at a lower cost. This frees up more invaluable capital for your start-up when you most need it.

The United Arab Emirates is ranked 11th among 190 countries in the ease of doing business, according to the World Bank annual ratings.

The Dubai Free Zone Council has implemented new regulations for free zones. These new regulations are designed to boost foreign direct investment in the e-commerce sector. This creates an attractive business environment for e-commerce companies who are looking to do business globally.


Legislation has begun to be put in place that will mean investors will be eligible for a 5 or 10-year residency. The length and eligibility will depend on the size of the investment.


There is no public disclosure of any details regarding to the shareholders or directors of a company in Dubai.

It is easy to see why so many foreign nationals have registered and setup companies in Dubai. The vast amount of benefits and the low cost of registering a business means that you have smaller hurdles to overcome as a business owner. The 0% corporate tax rate keeps your money in your pocket…where it belongs!

If you would like to find out more information on setting up your company in Dubai, please feel free to contact us today.

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