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Benefits of Setting up a Mainland Company in Dubai

Benefits of Setting up a Mainland Company in UAE

Setting up a mainland company in Dubai means establishing an onshore company to do business in Dubai as well as in other parts of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and even outside the UAE. The good news is that you no longer need a UAE national as a local sponsor to set up a Dubai Mainland Company.

If you are planning to establish a company in Dubai Mainland area, connect with mainland business consultants in Dubai and discuss your business idea to determine if your venture qualifies for full expatriate ownership.

Setting up a Dubai mainland company under the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) gives you maximum freedom and versatility for your business. Subsequent to the recently approved Companies Law amendments, you can now enjoy 100% ownership of your business in the mainland region despite being an expatriate or a foreigner.
There is no limitation for the number of visas on mainland license. However, the eligibility to obtain visa quota may be dependent on a number of factors, such as nature of business and office space. The more office space, the greater number of visas you may get. Moreover, repatriation of capital and profit is admissible.

Continue reading to know more benefits of setting up a Mainland Company in Dubai.

1. Free to trade across the UAE and internationally

Are you planning to set up a business in Dubai and expand it internationally? Do you want the flexibility to trade across the UAE and penetrate foreign markets as well? Then setting up a company in the mainland area is the solution.
When you register your company in the mainland area, you have no restrictions regarding who or where you can trade in Dubai. By setting up a mainland company, you get the freedom to trade across Dubai as well as in other parts of the UAE and in the world.
With a Dubai mainland registration, you can plan for any type of trade internationally, without worrying about overstepping your trade permission.

There are certain legal formalities that you have to fulfill when setting up a mainland company in Dubai, but you can better deal with these legal matters by seeking professional advice from a reputable business setup consultant in Dubai.

2. Ability to work for both private and public sector clients

Another potentially attractive feature of having a Dubai mainland business license is the ability to deal with the clients from both private sector as well as the public sector. If you are planning to start a venture that involves offering services that match government projects then setting up a mainland company puts you in an advantageous position, as it gives you a scope to tender bids for private projects as well as government contracts.
In fact, UAE government projects are much more lucrative than the private projects, as the former are worth billions of dollars per year. Besides, winning official contracts and working with state bodies would significantly improve your reputation and status as an entrepreneur, both in the UAE and internationally.

3. Easy to diversify business offerings

Dubai’s evolving smart city infrastructure, coupled with DET’s investors friendly policies, is already steering businesses towards its direction, and the ability to diversify your business offerings is likely to further increase during 2023 and beyond. Establishing your business in Dubai mainland provides significantly more scope for your business to progress and evolve over time, thanks to the smoother and faster administrative process.
Also, procedures of setting up a business as a foreign owner are very effective in mainland Dubai.

4. Flexibility to choose office location

Once you have decided to setup business in mainland Dubai and have obtained necessary approvals and licenses, the next step is to find an office space, as starting business in UAE requires an actual physical office address. The best part about starting a mainland company is that you have the flexibility to select a location to set up your office. You could rent as large or as small office as you need.
Another potential benefit from an entrepreneur perspective is that there is no constraints in visa quotas, meaning you can hire as many employees as you need from within or outside Dubai, and even the UAE. Last but not the least, with a mainland Dubai registered company, you can expand your business by forming branches and subsidiaries.

Bottom line!

After reading these attractive benefits of setting up a mainland company, you must be thinking of applying for a business registration in Dubai. To set up a Dubai Mainland Company, find a reliable local service agent (LSA) who will help you get the business license.
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