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How to Start an IT company in Dubai – Updated 2023

How to Start an IT company in Dubai - Updated 2023

If you are planning to setup your own business in Dubai then we have good news for you – the best time to start is now. If you are working for someone then your salary would not be very high and you have to do lots of work ordered by your employer. You have to sit late hours in the office unless you finish your daily tasks and by having your own IT business you can have balance between hours you spend on work and the financial reward.

Many people run companies instead of working for someone else. Tech startups are booming and starting your own software company in UAE is a great idea. By setting up IT Company in Dubai you will be building a better future for yourself and your family. You can have freedom and will be your own boss. The level of flexibility is one of the top benefits of starting your own IT Company.

One of top benefits of starting an IT business in Dubai is that you don’t need infrastructure for selling the products. All you need is just internet access and proper software.

The UAE has specific free zones best suited for starting an IT business in Dubai with advanced infrastructure and unique working ecosystem. An Information Technology company can handle various business activities. You can setup app Development Company, software Development Company, Networking solutions and many more.

Best location for setting up IT business in Dubai

One of the tough decisions you have to make for setting up a tech company in UAE is choosing the ideal business location. If you want to indulge in trading across Dubai then you can choose Dubai mainland. However there are many free zones where you can set up your IT Company with great benefits. Below are some of the free zones which are ideal for IT business setup.

1. Dubai Internet City Free zone

Home to some of the largest technology companies in the world like HP, Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft and several other technology giants which make it one of the best free zones for setting up IT Company in Dubai. Companies operating in DIC enjoy a tax free environment.

2. DMCC Free zone

Eight times crowned ‘Global Free Zone of the Year’ according to the Financial Times, located in the heart of Dubai, DMCC free zone is one of the best places to start a technology company in UAE. With many benefits including full ownership, strategic location and 0% tax, the free zone could be an ideal location for IT company formation in Dubai.

3. Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Centre (DTEC)

DTEC is a part of Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority and provides world-class, high-tech infrastructure for Software companies. DTEC is the largest tech innovation hub in the MENA region and its 24/7 access, high speed Wi-Fi makes it an ideal location for IT business set up.

4. Dubai Techno Park (DTP)

As it is obvious from the name that DTP could be suitable for the creation of your information technology business in Dubai. Many international businesses and global leaders have their information technology setups in Dubai techno part already making it one of the prime locations for you to set up your software business in DTP.

What are the requirements to set up an IT company in Dubai?

Being one of best locations for setting up IT companies, Dubai offers many benefits to investors from all over the world. Similar to all business setup requirements there are certain steps which are necessary for successful business setup.

The first step is to choose the right location for business setup. You can choose whether freezone or mainland location. There are also certain steps involved such as type of company i.e. legal entity. The next step is to choose a trading name and article of association. Once all the legal procedures are completed then the license will be issued to establish IT company in Dubai.

How to obtain IT business license?

A professional IT business license should be obtained before starting any operation. The license will be issued by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. There are many formalities required to obtain the license so you may need the services of a reliable and professional business setup consultant in Dubai which will handle tasks related to approval and documentation such as employment visa application, the license itself etc. Before moving further the investor needs to apply for name reservation and to undertake what type of activities will be carried out.

What documents are required to open an IT company?

There are various kinds of documents which the investor should submit to the department of economic development to open IT firm in Dubai.

  • Passport of the owner & the partners of the firm
  • UAE Visa/ Entry Stamp
  • The local partners chosen by the investor need to submit a neutralization book.
  • No objection certificate for expatriate partners from various sponsors chosen
  • The partnership agreement must be signed in front of the notary.

Why to start an IT business in UAE?

There are several reasons to choose Dubai for setting up IT business as the country has the best infrastructure in place and due to lack of taxes it has become the top choice of investors. Another big reason is Dubai offers lucrative job opportunities the reason why talented people from all over the world are keen to move to Dubai for better opportunities so you can hire the best talent for your IT firm in Dubai. One more reason is the ease of setting up business as you can find many IT business setup consultants in Dubai who can do all the paper work for your business from planning, application, approval to business launch.

Is Dubai good for tech startups?

Yes of course Dubai is one of the best places for tech startups. There are many reasons to choose Dubai for starting your own technology business. The infrastructure, Tax Free environment, Business ownership and many more qualities make it the ideal location for tech startups.

If you are interested in starting your own IT business in Dubai, but need a helping hand? Just contact our team at Expand Corporate Services. We are here to help you. We have helped many investors in setting up different businesses in Dubai including IT, e-commerce, advertising, real estate, automotive, healthcare, beauty and more. You can be one of those and can start a successful business today.